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TortiseClimbing is many things.  A very important thing is being independent (some use the term boutique, meaning special) label.  We cherish our ability to choose what music and other things we focus our attention on!!  Independence is the breath of life!!

Product Quality

TortoiseClimbing insists on high quality products.  In the records we produce, we proudly make use of new technologies to produce superior CDs.

Products in various stages include:

Hymns for Living This album comes from David's roots being raised in a combination of both socially involved and conservative Protestantism.  The hymns included are drawn from older classic, traditional hymns using the congregational arrangements with a noticeable duet flavor.

Laura  David and Heidi are applying their experience from creating Hymns for Living to bring a similar level of creativity to this album of traditional, romantic songs.  As a youngster David heard the old romantic ballads from the World War II era and the early 1950's were still heard on some radio programs.  And, his high school sweetheart knew the words to most of them.  While a college student he had the opportunity to regularly sing for a large senior citizens organization that enjoyed hearing romantic songs from the 1920's and early 30's.  In the early 1980's David joined a small ensemble that specialized in big band songs basically from the late 30's through the late 1940's.  David drew from these and other experiences to select the songs for Laura.

Romance and Society [WORKING TITLE]  This shorter album returns to a duet flavor used extensively in Hymns for Living.  It draws from a range of styles from the second half of the 20th century.  It includes socially concerned songs along with romantic and motivational songs from movies and Broadway shows.


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