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Booking Procedures

1. Check whether my property is available for the dates you desire.  Click on the calendar for the property you are interested in reserving.   These will open a NEW window.  Close that window to return to this page.

Butterfly                       Crystal   

These are informational calendars I update often to reflect reservations confirmed by my management company after they receive the required payment.  (It is possible a date may be reserved and is not yet on my calendar.)

2. Click here to review and print out a copy of the Terms and Conditions to sign and fax or mail.  See terms and conditions for when you must provide me (or my property manager) with your signed agreement.  I'll give you details on where to fax of mail the signed agreement when I contact you.

3. Submit your rental reservation request using the Reservation Request form for the property you want to reserve (use links below.)  You may also use a reservation request form to submit additional questions to me that you did are not find answered on this website.  I monitor reservation requests submitted throughout the day and will promptly reply to the E-mail address you include in the reservation request form.  Double check that your E-mail address is correct on the reservation request form.  I try to respond the same day, but on rare occasions, such as if I am out, it could be longer.

4. Based on our exchange of emails and the information you provide in a reservation request form, I will contact my property manager and instruct them to contact you to initiate processing your reservation.  Promptly providing the required (a) signed terms and conditions to me - or my property manager - and (b) the required payment to my property manager is your friend for ensuring you obtain and keep the dates you want.  All funds will be paid to my management company.  They will accept funds on a major charge card.

NOTES.  I must receive your signed agreement to the Terms and Conditions by the time the initial partial payment is due or your reservation will be cancelled and your deposit forfeited.  Failure to pay required amounts by the due dates will similarly result in default of the reservation and forfeiture of funds according to the schedule in the terms and conditions.

5. My property manager will contact you to verify your method of payment.  If by credit card, then to obtain your authorization to make the charge for the reservation deposit, or if you prefer, to pay the entire rental fee.  You may use a check or money order, but the check or money order must be received and processed by the bank before your funds will be considered received.  If you use one of these methods, allow additional time.  Your reservation will not be guaranteed until the funds clear at the bank.

6. All funds must be paid to my property manager and must be paid according to the schedule specified in the rental Terms and Conditions.  In the event of any unpredictable event beyond my control that forces me to cancel your reservation, any refunds according to the Terms and Conditions will similarly be refunded to you by my property manager.

Reservation Request

Click a link below for the inquiry form for the unit you wish to reserve:

K's Butterfly Condominium at Windsor Palms

K's Crystal Townhouse at Emerald Island



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